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'Little Gardens' Brooklyn Flea Market, NYC

Having recently moved into my new house, and experienced the obligatory 'sort out' that comes with this, I was reminded of a holiday to New York back in September. Sorting through my office (a rather large task) I came across this lovely hand drawn business card for Little Gardens...



My girlfriend and I discovered these gorgeous minature gardens at the treasure trove that is Brooklyn Flea Market - a wonderful stall consisting of charming succulents planted in antique brickwork. We instantly fell in love with these little brick gardens and longed to bring one home with us! Unfortunately due to UK customs regulations the best we could do was get some photographs to share with you...



The great thing about these little beauties is the minimal amount of nurturing they need. If you're feeling creative try making your own 'Little Garden' in a flower pot, or perhaps a more unusual container with a drainage hole. We're off to Ardingly Antiques Fair later this month to hunt down something to plant ours in!

Check out this link for tips on how to grow your own succulents, and the Little Gardens Facebook page for more inspirational images.

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